Photograph by Roshni Khatri.

Photograph by Roshni Khatri.


Rafaella Castagnola (b. 1994, Lima, Peru) is an artist and graphic designer who works with photography, video, installation and book-making. After graduating from the Pratt Institute with a BFA in Communications Design and a minor in Art History, she worked as a graphic designer in NY at the creative studio NR2154 and then at MTV. She recently graduated from the New Media Narratives program at the International Center of Photography and is currently based in Lima and Brooklyn, NY. 

Her recent work explores the grey area between conceptual art and journalism. She constructs narratives using extensive research, journalistic techniques, and archival material. Abandoned spaces and discarded objects are among the subjects she investigates to reveal forgotten life stories and explore themes of geographic change, death, the intrusion of the unknown and the effects of chance.


Awards and Exhibitions

2017 - Honors in Academic Achievement, Pratt Institute
2017 - Design as Solution, The Candy Factory, Brooklyn, NY.
2018 - UNBOXED, New Women’s Space, Brooklyn, NY.
2019 - The Underground Almanac, ICP, N.Y.
2019 - Guest critic, Pratt Institute, Graphic Design Survey
2019 - Rita K. Hillman Award of Excellence, ICP, N.Y.
2019 - A Chronicle of Chance Intersections, Photoville, NY